Scissor lifts, articulated platforms and vertical access platforms are available from Dezzo Equipment with full service and maintenance contracts to provide lower total cost of ownership and 95% machine availability. Supported by some of the country’s best workshops and technicians, we’ll improve your operations by helping you reach anywhere, on any terrain.

Manitou scissor lifts are available in both a wide and a narrow platform version. These machines are suited to all types of applications, including those with limited space. Machines are easy to manoeuvre, maintain and transport. Please contact us for detailed product information

  • Self-propelled electrical Scissor Lifts
  • Self-propelled rough terrain Scissor Lifts

Manitou articulated platforms provide 4 simultaneous movements for faster raise times and a reach of up to 17,65 m. The range is available in electric and fuel-driven configurations. Please contact us for detailed product information

  • 120 AETJ C & 120 AETJ C 3D self-propelled electric Articulating Platforms
  • 120 AETJ L self-propelled electric Articulating Platforms
  • 150 AETJ C & 150 AETJ C3D self-propelled electric Articulating Platforms
  • 150/170 AET JL bi-energy Articulating Platforms
  • 160 ATJ self-propelled diesel Articulating Platforms

These highly efficient electric machines are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can be transported easily on a 3 ton trailer. Please contact us for detailed product information

  • 60 V Vertical Lift Access Platforms
  • 80 VJR Evolution Vertical Lift Access Platforms
  • 100 VJR Evolution Vertical Lift Access Platforms


  • Best-of-breed access platform machinery
  • Brand new and used machines available
  • Rental packages tailored to your needs
  • 24-hour parts delivery guaranteed across South Africa


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