With quick-change attachments that can be swapped in less than 60 seconds, the Maniscopic range has been designed to tackle almost all handling applications – with ease.

The machine’s traction has been engineered to cause as little damage or disruption to operating ground surfaces as possible, while an ergonomic cab design ensures operator comfort and increased productivity


  • Excellent versatility with quick-change attachments
  • First-rate traction control with reduced ground surface disturbance
  • Performance-enhancing cab comfort
  • Excellent ground clearance


Your ideal machine for any heavy duty construction and civil works application! The MT Series of telescopic handlers can lift loads of up to 5 000 kgs and Master heights up to 3 000 mm. Improved user safety and operator comfort resulting in better productivity! Please contact us for detailed product information

  • Manitou MT 625T Telehandler
  • Manitou MT 732 Telehandler
  • Manitou MT 1030 S Telehandler
  • Manitou MT 1235 S and ST Telehandler
  • Manitou MT 1435 SL and SLT Telehandler
  • Manitou MT 1436R Teleshandler
  • Manitou MT 1440 SLT and SLT Ultra Telehandler
  • Manitou MT 1740 Telehandler
  • Manitou MT 1840 R Telehandler

Telescopic Handler, rough-terrain crane and access platform in one! Lift loads of up to 5 000 kg and reach up to 30 meters, with 360o rotation. Designed for confined spaces with exceptional ground clearance. Innovatively designed to master any terrain. Please contact us for detailed product information

  • Manitou MRT 1440 Easy Telehandler
  • Manitou MRT 1640 Easy Telehandler
  • Manitou MRT 1840 Easy Telehandler
  • Manitou MRT 1850 Telehandler
  • Manitou MRT 2150 Telehandler
  • Manitou MRT 2540 Telehandler

Mechanised farming muscle

Ideal for the agricultural sector where loads of up to 4 500 kg can be lifted to 8 meters! 5-speed Powershift transmission. More space and safety for improved operator comfort which results in higher productivity! Click on the link below to view product brochure. Please contact us for detailed product information

  • Manitou MLT 523 Telehandler
  • Manitou MLT 627 Turbo 24” Telehandler
  • Manitou MLT 731 Telehandler
  • Manitou MLT 735 120 LSU Telehandler
  • Manitou MLT 742 Telehandler
  • Manitou MLT 845 120 LSU Telehandler

The largest Telescopic Handler available from Dezzo Equipment! Expertly designed for heavy load handling applications. Lift loads of up to 22 500 kg to heights of 9 700 metres! Please contact us for detailed product information

  • Manitou MHT 780 Telehandler
  • Manitou MHT 860 LT LSU Telehandler
  • Manitou MHT 10120 L Turbo Telehandler
  • Manitou MHT 10160 L Turbo Telehandler
  • Manitou MHT 10210 L Turbo Telehandler


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